Question time…

Do you have any questions? We have all the right answers for your business.

Your data is safely stored on each venue system.
It cant be used or shared by anyone else.
Don’t worry, we just need to confirm if your claim is valid.
Simply send us an email asking for your login details from your company server to confirm that you work there.
You can connect to the internet by attaching a working internet cable or by WiFi.
Please check your internet connection on our system.


As a security measure, we block all our systems if they don’t connect to the internet every 7 days.
This allows us to make sure your data isn’t misappropriated.
Please confirm if your scanner cable is properly attached to our system. Also, is your internet working?
Yes, you can. Simply click the quick search button on your system.

search     se2

Certainly, send us an email requesting your LogMeIn access and you can use your machine from any location, as long as you both have internet access.
Please reconfigure your system on the main admin panel.

calibrate       cal2

You have different options to pay for our systems. You can buy the machine and pay a smaller monthly subscription. Or pay a monhtly fee and you can buy the machone for £1 after 2 years, youll keep paying the small monthly subscrition after that.
You decide what is the best course of action for you.
If you buy it directly or you already paid for 2 years of fees, yes it is.
A club, bar or venue flagged you for some reason, they can do so from 7 days up to 3 months, depending on what the reason was. They can even share you ban with limited information with other clubs.
This helps us create safer nights out for everyone.
We don’t have access to the venue’s database, so you should contact them directly to understand your situation.
I’m afraid we can’t. Please contact any venue you were in recently where an altercation or problem was raised.