Since our first entry system, Guest List Manager was released in 2003, IDscan has constantly strived for performance and innovation.

In 2004 we launched Intouch, the world’s first biometric membership system which received global media acclaim on CNN, the BBC and more.

In 2005, IDscan launched Clubscan and then later in 2008 the business took a quantum leap forward by introducing the Safer Clubbing at Night Network – Scannet.

Since 2010 IDscan has been innovating further with mobile technologies and document authentication processes.

These are some of our Guiding Principles. Our business is separated into two areas, namely leisure and non-leisure. To catch up on our other business please visit our IDscan website.


Customer First represents the focus of the company to make a positive impact on people’s lives through technology. All efforts within the company are directed towards learning about our customers, sharing insights and solving the problems of our customers through technology.




Scannet only works because more than 2.5 million people each month agree to have their ID’s scanned to create safer nights out. Scannet reduces crime – it’s a fact. Please read the important case studies in our downloads area.