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GBG is a global identity specialist. We bring the best technology and breadth of data to your business, so you can scan IDs in seconds and always know who you’re allowing in.

The Scannet story

In 2003, the IDscan business began at a nightclub in the East End of London in the UK. Underage customers and antisocial behaviour had become a big risk to other patrons and venue licenses. Fake IDs were widely used and door security staff were unable to tell the difference between a good customer with a genuine ID and a bad customer with a fake. The first ID scanning solution was implemented and later pitched as a business idea on the British TV show, Dragons Den.

In 2008 the business took a quantum leap forward by introducing the Safer Clubbing at Night Network, and ‘Scannet’ became the trademark for the club scene’s most trusted ID scanning technology. In 2016 the IDscan business was acquired by GBG and we have been innovating further with mobile technologies, data capture capabilities, and automated document verification and customer authentication processes ever since.

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