Secure ID technology protecting your venue

We are constantly developing new features to protect your venue, bringing the best ID scanning technology to your door.

A choice of scanners

Both machines come with free software updates.

Anywhere you need it


Our number one choice, the Flex machine fits anywhere you need it, compatible with biometric membership. Both machines come with free software updates.

The perfect height for customers


The Floor scanner is the perfect height for customers to validate IDs as they enter your premises, and comes with wheels for manoeuvrability.

Scanner choice

Scannet offers a choice of kiosk floor machines and countertop ID scanners to safeguard your business.

Free software upgrades

Enhancements and new features like smart capture and document tamper protection are free of charge.

24/7 technical support

Our support team is at work whenever you, day or night, providing technical and expert document support.

Safeguarding features

Fully configurable

Scannet’s fully configurable scanner software allows you to match ID checks against our global ID database. Adjust age limits, switch screen views and more, only admitting patrons that meet your profile.

Data Intelligence

Scannet's Shared Alerts enable you to identify customers that pose risk, preventing them from entering your venue. Our devices enable you to increase security at your door with real-time alerts if that individual scans their ID seeking to gain entry.

Global ID recognition

Scannet kiosk floor machines and countertop ID scanners connect to GBG’s global ID document library, the largest and fastest-growing registry of IDs anywhere in the world, recognising 4,000+ document types.

Membership platform

Create as many membership templates as you like with a range of expiry dates enabling you to generate an extra source of income. Offer Q-Jump to add that extra special feeling by registering a fingerprint against all customers.  Adding fingerprint capture to your entry process will reduce entry time to less than a second.

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ISO27001 certified

Certified for the highest standard of information technology security procedure.

Fingerprint authentication

Authenticate customers who scan their ID and register their fingerprint, returning fingerprint match for their next visit within 500 milliseconds.

Our global datasets

GBG have access to the most complete ID document library in the world, and we’re committed to maintaining this.

How our ID scanners can help your business

Learn the demographics of your visitors such as age and location as well being able to personalise communications ahead of key events like birthdays with special offers

Our fully customizable hardware enables you to switch your authentication layout, change age criteria, collate ID's to customer records, monitor if ID's have been used in other venues and most importantly safeguard you from any bad guests.

Import pub watch data, match multiple IDs and ensure you only let in the right customers, whilst protecting your venues license.

Our hardware gives easy access to good customer by verifying IDs in seconds, as well as easily detecting forgeries and bad actors. Our scanners can also do manual searches on visitors without IDs to verify the right customers are let in to your venue.

There is huge potential with your Scannet device and we can offer various levels of capability, for example Mag Stripe and integration with Neon.

We are always here to help in our support team, and offer unlimited training, reports, and diagnostics for any Scannet customers.

Put Scannet ID security on your door